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Cost Report

The Cost Report is only available to the Costumes and Set Dec departments.

The Cost Report is an overview of all Payments that have been logged for your production. Episodics that are set up Traditionally have a separate Cost Report for each episode. Features and episodics set up Like A Feature have one Cost Report for the entire production. 

As more Payments are entered into Money Tracking, the Payment Tracker (the blue bar behind the total) will begin to fill for a quick visual of how much has been spent against the Budget.

Viewing your Cost Report 

You can view your Cost Report three ways: 

  • Payment Type: displays totals based on the method of payment for each Character/Set
  • Purchase Type: displays totals based on Buy/Rent/Promo/MtO for each Character/Set
  • No Details: only displays the total spent for each Character/Set

The Cost Report defaults to the Payment Type view. You can change the view by clicking the tabs in the top right corner:

Account Codes 

By default, the Account Codes on your Cost Report match your Character/Set numbers. You can edit these numbers by clicking the green Edit button. Editing the numbers on the Cost Report will not update the numbers in Continuity and vice versa. 

Cost Report Account Codes
Warning: Only numbers are allowed in the Account Code fields. Inserting any letters or special characters (e.g. A25!) results in the Account Code turning red. When codes are red, you are unable to make edits to the Accounting name of those corresponding Characters/Sets. 

Grouping Characters/Sets

Group Characters or Sets together to budget for them separately and track their costs as a unit. For example, if you want to track Payments for all of your Background Characters together, you can put all of the Characters into one group. 

  1. On the Cost Report, click Edit.
  2. Check the boxes next to the Characters/Sets you want to group.
  3. Click Group.
  4. Create a new line code and name for the group or merge into an existing group. 
  5. Click Save
Group Line Items
Warning: Once a group is created, all of the individual Payments that exist for each Character/Set are reassigned to the group. Removing a Character/Set from the group will not move the Payments back to the individual Character/Set. 

Misc. Items 

Scroll down to the bottom of your the Report to see Miscellaneous Items from the Budget. This is where Payments for items not associated with a Character or Set are tracked. 

Misc Cost Report

Similar to the rest of your Cost Report, you can add Account Codes and group items together from this section.

Pro Tip: Always create new categories for Miscellaneous Items from your Budget. Creating those categories on the Cost Report can lead to categories being unlinked in your production, which increases the chances of Payments being input incorrectly. Check out Budgeting for Miscellaneous for more information.

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