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[Mobile] Character View Overview

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Once a script is successfully uploaded and your Characters are updated on the web app, you can view all of these Characters on the mobile app.

Just like in the web app, Characters are shared across all active departments of your production. 

Viewing Your Characters

To access a Character View page:

  1. Tap Search in the bottom navigation bar to access Universal Search.
  2. Tap Characters in the list of Categories or type the Character’s name into the search bar. 
  3. Select the Character’s name under the search results.

A Character View page displays all the information regarding a Character (i.e. Details, Scenes, Costume Closet, Props Closet, Gallery, etc.). The tabs available on this page depend on which departments you have access to and have selected in the Department Selector. 

Pro Tip: Quickly access other tabs of the Character View page by swiping anywhere on the screen with your finger!


The Details tab lists any basic Character information that has been input into the web app (i.e. Actor, description, gender, age). Underneath, you can also view or edit department notes.


All the Scenes that a Character has been added to will display under the Scenes tab. 

From here, add, view, or edit any Changes, Hair and Makeup Looks, and Props. 

Additionally, tap (+) Add Photo or the Camera icon to upload any corresponding photos, which will automatically be tagged to the Character, Scene, and Change/Look. 

Costume Closet

This tab is specific to the Costume department and displays all existing Inventory that has been assigned to the Character. On this tab, you can also create new Inventory to add to a Character’s Closet or upload Inventory photos. 

Props Closet

This tab is specific to the Props department and displays all existing Personal and Non-Personal Props that have been assigned to a Character. On this tab, you can also create new Props to add to a Character’s Closet or upload Prop photos.

All photos that have been uploaded and tagged to a Character exist under the Gallery tab.

Tap the Sort button on the left to sort by Script Day or Scene.

Tap the Filter button in the middle to filter by Continuity or Research.

Tap the Tag button on the right to tag your photos to new entities such as additional Scenes, Changes, etc.

Photos can be uploaded directly from the Character Gallery. Simply tap (+) Add Photo and upload the Character’s photos, which will be tagged to the selected Character. Use (+) Add Photo on a specific Scene card to tag the photo to the Character and Scene (and Change/Look, if there is one assigned to the Scene).

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[Mobile] Viewing Characters by Scene