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The New and Improved Mobile App

There is a brand new SyncOnSet mobile app with many exciting changes!

Multi-Department Views

In SyncOnSet 5.0, if you are a member of multiple departments, you can now view information across all your departments simultaneously using the Department Selector. 🙌

Universal Search has also been improved to help you find what you’re looking for more efficiently 🔍. Tap Search in the bottom navigation bar to quickly access anything you need in your production! You have the option to select a category or simply use the search bar to search all categories. 

Note: In addition to the Indexes on the Home page, you can use Universal Search to find a full list of Characters, Actors, Inventory, Changes, Looks, and Sets. 

Date Formatting

Want to see your date in DD/MM/YYYY format? Now you can!

Episodic Productions

View multiple episodes at the same time using the Episode Selector. Scene numbers show the episode number as a prefix to the Scene. (e.g. 101.1, 102.3). Block shooting just got much easier!

NO MORE IMPORTING! 🙌🏻 What does this mean? In SyncOnSet 5.0, Characters, Actors, Sets, and Inventory are available across an entire season regardless of which episode they are created in. 

The mobile app is separated into different View pages: Scene View, Character View, Change View, Inventory View, and Set View. 

View pages are where you can view and edit Scene details, Character Closets, Changes, Props, and more! Tap on an entity to get to its View page. 

All View pages have a top navigation bar with various tabs to help you navigate through the mobile app. The options listed in the top navigation bar vary depending on what department(s) you have selected in the Department Selector. 

The header at the top of the screen tells you exactly what page you are on and provides arrows to easily toggle through Scenes, Characters, Changes, etc. 

Uploading Photos 

The process of uploading photos has been updated! In addition to tapping the Camera icon, you can now find an (+) Add Photo button on multiple pages of the mobile app. Tap on this button to take a new photo or upload existing photos from your camera roll (you can now upload more than 15)! 

Navigate to the correct View page to upload photos to a Character, Scene, Change, Looks, etc. Uploading photos from a View page ensures that your photos are being tagged correctly. 

Instead of uploading photos from a specific View page, you can also upload them from Untagged Photos if you want to bulk upload your photos and tag them later. 


Syncing has been improved to help you and the rest of your team stay on the same page. 

Tapping the Sync icon on the bottom navigation bar or Sync Now on the Syncing Status page brings all of the information in your current production down to your device. For episodics, this means every episode in your production will sync down regardless of which episodes you have selected in the Episode Selector. 

In addition, all of the information from every production on your device will be uploaded to the rest of your team.

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