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Create Vendors in Money Tracking on the Vendors Index or while adding a Payment. 

Existing Vendors are available to select from the drop-down Vendor list when creating a Payment (Purchase Order, P-Card, Check Request, or Petty Cash). 

Creating on the Vendor Index

  1. Click Vendors on the top navigation bar to go to the Vendor Index.
  2. Click the green Create Vendor button.
  3. Enter the Vendor name in the form (other fields can be added any time).
  4. Click Create.
Pro Tip: Have a list of frequently used Vendors? Create them on the Vendor Index so you can quickly select them from the dropdown once you start entering Payments. You can also enter more details, like contact information, allowing you to have all the information you need in one place.

Creating while Adding Payments

Create a new Vendor while adding a Payment (Purchase Order, P-Card, Check Request, or Petty Cash) by typing its name in the Vendor box and clicking Add

The Vendors you create via Payments populate the Vendor Index. Navigate to the Vendor Index to add more details or delete a Vendor. 

Editing Vendor Information

Edit a Vendor’s information on the Vendor Index: 

  1. Click the Pencil icon in line with the Vendor.
  2. Made your edits.
  3. Click Update.

Deleting a Vendor

Delete a Vendor on the Vendor Index: 

  1. Click the Trash Can icon in line with the Vendor to delete it.
  2. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

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