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Scenes/Characters Missing After Breakdown

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There are a few reasons why Scenes or Characters could be missing after your script breakdown. This guide covers how to prevent losing content, how to restore content, and when a script cannot be used. 

Character Has Multiple Names in the Script

Sometimes a Character’s full name will be used when they first appear in the script, then an abbreviated version or nickname will appear as the script goes on.

In this case, if one version of the Character is assigned to Scenes but accidentally deleted during the script breakdown, you can restore that Character by revising the script and linking the Character names.

To do this, upload the original script and link the new Character with the existing Character on the Characters from Revision page. 

Note: If you don’t want to revise the script, you can easily add a Character to multiple Scenes on the Character view page.

Character Does Not Speak

If a Character is present in a Scene, but does not have dialogue, our system may not recognize that Character is in the Scene. If this happens, you should manually add the Character to the Scene.

Character Has A Name with Special Characters

If a Character has special characters or accent symbols in its name, our system may not recognize that Character. If this happens, you should manually create the Character and add it to Scenes.

Watermarked Script

A watermark can interfere with the system’s ability to properly read the script. If your script is watermarked, take extra care going through the breakdown to ensure all Scenes and Characters are accurate.

Watermarked Script
Pro Tip: You can always manually add missing Scenes or Characters from the Scene Index.

Copy and Paste Encrypted Script

If your script is copy and paste encrypted, our system will not be able to pull out the Scenes and Characters.

To check if your script is encrypted:

  1. Open the script file and select any random block of text.
  2. Right click on your mouse and try to copy the selected text.

If you are unable to copy the text, you will need to notify production and request a new script that is not copy and paste encrypted.

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