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Production Homepage Overview

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On the Production Homepage, you can view your Subscription, Activity Feed, and Security Features. You can also edit the title of your production or episodes and create new episodes.

To access your Production Homepage, click the name of your production at the top of the screen.

Editing the Name of your Production, Episodes, and/or Feature Script Draft Name

  1. Click the Horizontal Ellipsis on the right side of the page. Click Edit.
  2. Edit the title of your production, episode title(s), or feature script draft.
  3. Click Save.

Note: If you are looking to edit the name of your script revision in an episodic, check out Editing the Name of a Script Revision.

A production logo is an image you can upload to visually represent your production which will appear on the Production Homepage and at the top of many Reports. Production logos are optional.

  1. Click the Horizontal Ellipsis on the right side of the page. Click Change Logo.
  2. Drag and drop an image file into the pop-up window, or click Select File to locate the image.
  3. Click Save.

My Subscription Table

The My Subscription table displays which departments have been added to your production, how many users are in each department, and how many photos have been uploaded under each department. It also shows the expiration date for each department. 

My Subscription Table
Note: If any changes need to be made to your subscription, please contact the Support Team

Activity Feed  

The Activity Feed displays recent activity across all the active departments in your production. This record shows activity that has happened in your production from the time of its creation.

Security Features

The Security Features table is only visible to productions that have Security Features activated. Security Features include: Watermarking, 2 Factor Authentication, Script Upload Disabled, and Mobile Only Users. 

A green checkmark indicates that a specific Security Feature is turned on by your production. 

Note: If a Security Feature is not enabled by your production, it will not display in this table.

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