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Customizing the Inventory Index

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SyncOnSet 5.0 offers a variety of ways to customize the Inventory Index, the Inventory View, and the fields that appear on the Create (or Edit) Inventory form(s)! When customizing an Inventory table, it will be saved in that format on your browser (not your login) unless you clear your cache

Note: Remember that what you see on your Inventory Index will change depending on which Departments you have selected. The Episodes you have selected will not affect your Inventory Index, as a piece of Inventory exists across an entire season. 

Choose Columns

Click the Choose Columns icon to open a dropdown menu of available fields. Select the fields you wish to display or remove from your Inventory Index so you only see what's important to you. 

Pro Tip: If you are working on an AssetHub linked production, surface the Exported to AH column to see which Inventory items have been exported to AssetHub.

Rearranging and Resizing Columns 

Rearrange the columns to a new location on the table by dragging and dropping a column header to a new position:

Resize the columns by dragging the edges of a column header to expand or compress a field:

Sorting and Filtering Columns

Sort a column by clicking on the column header. Click again to sort in the other direction. Keep in mind, you cannot sort by certain fields, including Quantity, Quantity Note, or Disposition Note.

Filter the Inventory Table by using the Inventory search bar. For example, type in “hoodies” to only view the hoodies in your production. 

Click the Filter button to filter by Characters and/or Sets. 

Note: Views are saved per browser and cannot be saved across your department or production.

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