Money Tracking

Money Tracking Overview

The Costume, Props, and Set Dec departments can track Payments through Money Tracking. To navigate to Money Tracking, use the Product Switcher in the top left corner and select Budgeting to navigate…

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Cost Report

The Cost Report is only available to the Costumes and Set Dec departments. The Cost Report is an overview of all Payments that have been logged for your production. Episodics that are set up Traditio…

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Adding and Updating Payments

Adding and Updating Payments is only available to the Costume and Set Dec departments. Once you’ve finished your Budget, you’re ready to start adding and tracking Payments! To get to the Payments pag…

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Creating Set Pieces in Money Tracking

To save time, create Set Pieces when entering Payments in Money Tracking ! Set Pieces created in Payments automatically populate in the assigned Set in Continuity. Click Payments in the top navigatio…

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Managing Returns

If a piece of Inventory that already has a Payment assigned is returned, it’s easy to account for the return in Money Tracking! Click Payments in the top navigation bar. . Click the Magnifying Glass…

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Along with tracking Payments in Money Tracking, Assets can also be tracked! This is especially useful during Wrap when it is time to generate an Asset Report. Note: Assets in Money Tracking are not l…

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Create Vendors in Money Tracking on the Vendors Index or while adding a Payment. Existing Vendors are available to select from the drop-down Vendor list when creating a Payment (Purchase Order, P-Car…

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Money Tracking Reports

While in Money Tracking, click Reports on the top navigation bar to access Reports. Click Generate Report in line with the Report you want to view. Note: When a report generates, it opens a new tab w…

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