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Michelle Salatto Updated by Michelle Salatto

If you have a very large production (lots of Scenes, Characters, and photos), your browser may slow down as it processes all that information.

Here are some tips & tricks for best performance:

  1. Check your WiFi. You can check your speed here
  2. View only one episode at a time. 
  3. View only one department at a time.
  4. On the Scene Index, if you have a lot of scenes in an episode, try filtering scenes down first. You can try filtering them by Script Day, Shoot Date, or search a description. 
  5. We recommend using Google Chrome for best performance.
Pro Tip: Not sure if you are on the latest version of Chrome? Click Chrome from the top menu bar and select About Google Chrome. If an update is available, you will see an option to update on the resulting page.
  1. Make sure you don’t have a lot of tabs or other heavy processing applications open.
  2. Limit the number of tabs you have open. 
  3. Clear your cache and/or try restarting your computer. 
  4. SAVE FREQUENTLY. Most importantly, we don’t want you to ever lose your work.

Note: We’re continuing to optimize SyncOnSet to be as fast as possible. If none of the above tips are working for you and you’re experiencing exceptionally slow performance, please contact Support at support@synconset.com. Providing us some details can help our team find the best solution for you.


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