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Exporting Asset Reports from PSL

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This article guides accountants using PSL through running and saving an Asset report in the correct format so they can import their ledger into Asset Hub.

Exporting the Asset Report

  1. Go to the Bible tab in PSL (usually tab 7 or 8) and verify the following fields are completed as outlined below:

A. In Period Selection

  • Start Date: empty
  • End Date: empty

B. In Account Selection

  • From: (first account)
  • To: (last account)

C. In Include/Exclude

  • Include Detail: ✔️
  • Include P/Os:  🔲

D. In Show/Hide

  • Show Series Separation: ✔️
  • Show Location Separation: ✔️
  • Show Sets Separation: ✔️

E. In Selection Criteria

  • FF[#]: whichever field you are using for Asset Designation (A, I, M)

* Multiple Currency

  • Run the report for each currency separately
  1. Click Spreadsheet on the right panel.
  2. Click Yes on the Bible Spreadsheet pop-up.
  3. Save the report as an Excel Workbook (.xlsx).
Note: If your production is making purchases in multiple currencies and this is the first time this project is uploading a ledger (Asset Report) into Asset Hub, be sure to Lock Currencies before Uploading the PSL Ledger.

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