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Looking for tutorials on how to use SyncOnSet? You'll find all the webinars we've hosted that apply to Costume users below.

Introduction to Crew Tools Continuity Web: Script Breakdown, Revisions, Linking and Deleting Characters

In this webinar for crew getting started with the Crew Tools Continuity web application, learn how to create a production, utilize the automatic script breakdown, upload script revisions, link characters, and delete characters.

Advanced Crew Tools: Best Practices & Tips

In this webinar for our advanced Crew Tools users, we will take a deeper look at Characters, Actors, and Inventory existing on the episodic level, “Multi” Character numbers, and Changes.

Crew Tools Continuity for Episodic Teams: Block Shooting & Cross-boarding, Characters, Actors, and Inventory

In this webinar for teams working on Episodics with block shooting and cross-boarding, learn about managing Characters, Actors, and Inventory across all episodes of a production on the web application.

The Mobile App: Navigation, Uploading and Tagging Photos

In this webinar designed for On-Sets, learn to navigate the new mobile app, upload and tag photos, and some tips and tricks to get the most out of your mobile experience.

Budgeting and Money Tracking for Costumes

In this webinar for Costume crew who use the Crew Tools Budgeting tool, learn how to budget by Character type, how to track payments, cost reports, manage Assets and Vendors, and some best practices!

Wrap Workflow for Costumes

In this webinar for Costume department crew who are wrapping with SyncOnSet Crew Tools, learn how to navigate through the wrap process, including an overview of the Wrap Index, how to wrap by Change, Character, or Item, generating the continuity book and wrap reports, and some best practices.

Crew Tools for Episodics: Season Data Transfer

In this webinar for Department Heads and Production Owners working on Episodic projects, learn about the Season Data Transfer process, including requesting a Season Data Transfer, exporting data, adjusting user permissions, and some best practices.

Introduction to Asset Hub: Reconciling Assets

In this webinar for crew getting started with SyncOnSet Asset Hub, learn how to navigate through the Asset and Transaction Indexes, how to reconcile an Asset, and some best practices.

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