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Scene Index Overview

After uploading a script, all of the Scene information will live on the Scene Index. If you’re working on a multi-department production, this information is the same across all departments.

Click Scenes in the top navigation bar to access the Scene Index.

What is populated automatically? Scene Numbers, Script Locations, and Principal Characters.

What requires manual entry? Script Day, Description, Background Characters, and Shoot Date.

The Scene Index has a scrollable table with a scrollbar that is independent from the page itself. To access all of your Scenes, use the table's scrollbar:

Note: The Scene Index shows information from the episodes you have selected in the Episode Selector. Scenes will appear in grey once the shoot date has passed.

Managing the Scene Index

Editing Scenes

To edit more than one Scene at a time:

  1. Click Edit All.
  2. Make your edits.
  3. Click Save when you’re done.

To edit a single Scene:

  1. Click the Ellipsis in line with the Scene you want to edit.
  2. Make your edits.
  3. Click Save when you’re done.
Warning: You will be logged out of the web app if you are inactive for 2 hours. Editing does not count as activity, so remember to save your work often!

Bulk Updating Shoot Dates

To update the Shoot Dates for your Scenes in bulk:

  1. Click the Ellipsis at the top of the table.
  2. Select Update Shoot Dates from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the pop-up window, select one Shoot Date and all of the Scenes you want to assign to that Shoot Date.
  4. Click Save or click the (+) to save and continue adding Shoot Dates. 
Add Update Shoot Dates Menu

Adding Scenes 

To add new or missing Scenes:

  1. Click Add.
  2. In the pop-up window, input your Scene information.
  3. Click Save or click the (+) to save and continue adding Scenes.

Cloning, Omitting, and Deleting Scenes 

Click the Ellipsis in line with a Scene to either Clone, Omit, or Delete it. 

Edit, Clone, Omit, Delete menu

Customizing the Scene Index

Choosing Columns
  1. Click the Choose Columns icon to customize the columns that appear on the Scene Index.
  2. Select your desired columns from the Choose Columns menu.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.
Sorting, Resizing, and Rearranging Columns

Drag and drop column headers to rearrange the order of columns, drag the edges of a column header to resize a column, or click on the column header to sort the column.  

Note: These changes will automatically be saved if you refresh or leave the page.

Filtering Scenes 

Click the Filter icon to filter the Scenes that appear on the Scene Index by date. You can also choose to hide omitted Scenes. Click Done to apply your filter.

Filter by date

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Customizing the Scene Index