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Production Coordinator Onboarding

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Congratulations! Your Studio is now using AssetHub, a software tool specifically designed to simplify Asset management at the Project level. AssetHub will replace the system of reconciling Assets with paper ledgers or Excel documents from accounting. All the data you input into AssetHub creates permanent Asset records that are available to the Studio while your Project is wrapping, through to post-production.

Getting Set Up on AssetHub 

  1. Register for an account with AssetHub.
  • You will receive an email invite into AssetHub.
  • Click the link in the email.
  • Create your account with AssetHub.
  • Head to to log in.
  1. Add Department Heads.
  2. Introduce AssetHub to Department Heads or crew that will handle Assets on behalf of their Department.
  • Introduce the Department Heads to AssetHub via email and cc the Project Account Manager. SyncOnSet will handle all onboarding tutorials and provide any assistance they may need.
  • Below is a sample email that you can send to the crew after you have added them into AssetHub to provide a clear expectation that AssetHub is both a production and Studio mandate.

Sample Email to Send Crew


I’ve just invited you into AssetHub, a software program used by (STUDIO NAME HERE) for managing recoverable assets. This new system is designed to digitally manage physical assets for the studio while saving production, accounting, and crew valuable wrap time. AssetHub will replace the existing process of excel docs or handwritten accounting ledgers and you can even generate wrap materials from the software once you have entered your department assets.

I've copied (ACCT MANAGER NAME) from SyncOnSet who can set up a quick tutorial or provide instructions and support while using AssetHub. You can email them at (email)

There is also a blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of AssetHub - you can click that at any time for support while using the software.

Please reach out to them if you have any questions.

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