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Linking and Merging Characters

When adding a new episode or uploading a script revision, you’re required to confirm your Characters. This step is extremely important, as it tells our system if you have new Characters or if the Characters pulled from your script already exist in your production.

Linking Characters

When adding a new episode, if you see Characters on the Character Confirmation page that already exist in your production, be sure that you link them. Doing so ensures that only one version of those Characters will exist across your production. It is important to do this in order to avoid creating duplicate Characters.

Depending on whether you’re adding a new episode or uploading a script revision, the pages look slightly different, but the function is the same.

  1. On the Character Confirmation page, link the Characters found in the script on the left to any existing Characters in the production on the right.
  • The program will try to link the Characters found in your script to ones that already exist in the production.
  • If the program doesn’t link your Characters correctly, click the caret in the Previous Character column to open the dropdown menu and select a Character to link. 
  1. Click Continue.
Note: The Character Name that already exists in the program (in the right column) is the name that is kept. It can be updated later if it needs to be revised.
  1. On the Characters from Revision page, link the Characters found in the revision (on the left) to any existing Characters (on the right):
  1. Click Rename Existing Character in line with the Character if the program didn’t already link an existing Character.
  • The program automatically links Characters based on their names. If a Character is linked incorrectly, click the Character field in the Link Character column to open the dropdown menu and select a Character to link. 
  1. Click Delete in line with a Character if the system incorrectly pulled it from your script.
  2. Click Save Changes.
Note: The Character Name found in the revised script is the name that is kept. If it is incorrect, it can be updated later, once the revision is complete.

Character Merge

In the event that you have duplicate Characters from not linking your Characters or accidentally creating a duplicate, you can merge them!

Like linking, merging your Characters is a way to tell the system that two Characters in your production are actually one. Once merged, everything assigned to both Characters is assigned to the newly merged, single Character. These entities include Inventory, Changes, Looks, Episodes, Scenes, and Photos. 

Pro Tip: You must request the merge feature be enabled for your production. Contact Support or your Account Manager if you'd like to join the Character Merge.

Merge Characters

Note: For ease of merging, either select all episodes in your production in the Episode Selector or toggle the Character Index to Viewing Full Season. You will need to reset the toggle after each merge.
  1. Click Characters in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the Ellipsis in line with the Character you’d like to merge.
  3. Click Merge Character.
  4. Select a Character from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Name/Number of the Character you want to keep.
  6. Click Continue
  7. Read the form to confirm what information is being merged and click Save.
  • If there are any merge conflicts, the form indicates where those conflicts are and what you need to do to eliminate them.
Note: Characters can only be merged two at a time. If you have more than two duplicates, repeat the merge process until all duplicates are merged into a single Character.
Warning: When merging Characters, ensure no users on the production are simultaneously working in Money Tracking in order to prevent saving errors.
Warning: Once two Characters are merged, it cannot be undone. Please be sure to read the form carefully.

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