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What's New to AssetHub

The AssetHub team has been hard at work listening and responding to user feedback. Be sure to check this page regularly for the latest news on improvements to the tool!

4.3.2 (February 8, 2024)

  • Misc Bug Fixes and Improvements

4.3.1 (December 14, 2023)

  • Trash Bin enhancements
    • View all Assets in Trash without 2500 Asset limit
    • View Character field
    • Improved UI with locked headers and jump to top button
  • Streamlined ability to bulk add Assets from Group Index to an Event
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.3.0 (October 10, 2023)

  • Login Updates:
    • Login and registration independent from SyncOnSet
    • Studio-wide MFA option
    • Single Sign-On EP session management
    • Landing page for users without any Studio permissions
  • Edit Account Page
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.2.2 (July 13, 2023)

  • Database query enhancement
  • Improved page loading time
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.2.1 (May 11, 2023)

  • Access Menu:
    • Ability to bulk delete selected users and invites
    • Ability to bulk resend selected invites
  • Asset Index: Ability to bulk upload attachments to selected Assets
  • Trash Bin: More columns available
  • Asset History: Ability to see who added or removed photos
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.2.0 (March 2, 2023)

  • Transactions: When bulk reconciling multiple Transactions to create one Asset, option to check box to sum values for total Asset Cost
  • Assets:
    • Ability to merge up to five Assets at once
    • Move Assets to the Trash Bin in bulk from the Asset Index
    • Ability to bulk recover Assets from the Trash Bin
    • Division Assets display an Events tab on the Asset View that lists which Events it has been used in, the dates of the Event, and Qty Loaned and Qty Returned for each Event
    • In Studios where Divisions have surfaced the Disposition field, ability to inline edit Disposition field on the Division Asset Index and Studio Asset Search
  • Groups: Include Subgroup Asset count in overall Group Asset count on the Group Index
  • System preserves user's column choices on Group Asset Index, Subgroup Asset Index, Event Asset Index, Request Asset Index, and Studio Asset Search
  • Improved index loading times
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.11 (January 5, 2023)

  • Transactions:
    • When bulk reconciling multiple Transactions to create one Asset, automatically sums values for total Asset Cost
    • Ability to evenly distribute Cost when splitting a Transaction into multiple Assets
  • Assets:
    • Ability to export a report from Historical View on Series/Feature/Division Asset Index
    • Ability to bulk update Disposition from Studio Asset Search
  • Storage Location: Ability to delete a Storage Location when the only associated Assets are in the Trash Bin
  • Ledger Upload: Ability to upload a generic spreadsheet ledger with a 5-digit account code
  • Events: Ability to Clone an Event
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.10 (September 15, 2022)

  • Asset Imports: Updated template to include Wrap Box and 3 Free Fields
  • Division Asset Index: View historical Assets in the Division
  • Bulk Update:
    • When appending text fields, new information displays at the beginning of the field and includes a visual divider at the end of the entry
    • Search fields by name
    • Ability to bulk update Groups on the For Review tab of the Asset Index
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.9 (July 28, 2022)

  • Access Menu:
    • Existing and invited users are now organized via separate "Team" and "Invite" tabs
    • Search the "Team" tab by name and email and the "Invite" tab by email
    • Series/Feature Owners can add additional Series/Feature Owners into their project
    • Removed requirement to confirm email when adding users
  • Transaction and Asset Index:
    • Search bar and edit buttons added to fixed column headers
    • Added "Select all" toggle in the sidebar for Projects, Warehouses, and Departments
  • Ledgers: Ability to search/filter column list when column matching
  • "Created By" Column: View who created an Asset directly from the Asset Index and Global Search
  • Divisions: Differentiate between "Division User" and "Division Owner" roles
  • Division Asset Index: View all Events associated with each Asset
  • Event View Page: Ability to sort Qty. On Loan/Qty. Returned columns
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.8 (March 24, 2022)

  • Importing Transactions: Upload ledgers from ANY accounting software with Transaction data that is organized in a standard column/row format
  • Asset Imports: Select origin currency when creating Assets in bulk
  • Division Asset View: View a list of all Events associated with the Asset
  • Asset History: Implemented a new record for when Assets are checked in or out of an Event
  • Events: Differentiate between "Loan Date" and "Exhibit Date"
  • Event Index: View the number of Assets/attachments associated with an Event
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.7 (February 3, 2022)

  • Asset Imports: Create Assets in bulk without uploading financial ledgers
  • Notifications: Confirmation and error toasts automatically dismiss after 5 seconds
  • Photo Column: Add Asset photos on the Asset Index by clicking on the (+) or existing photo
  • Bulk Update:
    • Bulk upload photos on the Asset Index
    • Bulk update Department and Fields on the For Review Tab
  • Access Menu:
    • Identify users based on Position and/or AssetHub Role
    • Ability to Save and Add Another user
    • View Department Names and Codes when adding Department Users
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.6 (November 4, 2021)

  • Subgroups: Create Subgroups within Groups for more precise Asset organization
  • Group Types & Changes: Choose either a "Standard" or "Change" Group type. Use Change-type Groups to organize Assets by Character Changes
  • Convert Groups: Update your existing Groups by converting between Standard < > Change types AND Groups < > Subgroups
  • Asset History: Easy-to-read Group records
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.5 (July 1, 2021)

  • Features: Updated the term "Franchise" to "Feature" across the entire app
  • Transaction and Asset Index:
    • UI updates including fixed column headers, a back-to-top button, and additional pagination at the top of the table
    • Added a Subcode field that will display data for Transactions and Assets (only applies to Projects created after the release)
  • SyncOnSet Import: Import additional fields to reduce double-entry
  • Matching Transactions to Existing Assets: The Cost (USD) field sums all linked Transaction values by default. Opt to retain current Cost (USD) value
  • Bulk Update: Bulk Update Character and Set on the Division Asset Index
  • Divisions Asset Index: Sort and filter the Qty. on Hand column
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.4 (May 11, 2021)

  • Transactions: Ability to bulk update Excluded Disposition
  • Permissions: Control which users can edit and remove Groups
  • Groups: New Studio-Level Group Index with ability to fully delete Groups
  • Group View Page: New Local Cost column to view the cost of Assets in local currency
  • Asset Creation: Improved efficiency of the Save and Create Another Asset workflow
  • Matching Transactions to SyncOnSet Inventory: The Cost (USD) field sums all linked Transaction values by default. Opt to retain current Cost (USD) value
  • Attachments: Upload multiple attachments at once from Asset Details and Event View pages
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.3 (April 6, 2021)

  • Bulk Update: Bulk Update Department and Sub Department on Asset Index and Transaction Index
  • Asset Creation: Ability to Save and Create Another Asset
  • Events:
    • Bulk add Assets to a Request from within an Event
    • Copy and transfer Assets between Events
  • Division Asset Index and Event Asset Index: View Qty. on Hand in its own selectable column
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.2 (February 11, 2021)

  • Bulk Update: Bulk update numeric and currency fields on the Asset Index
  • Groups: Bulk remove Assets from a Group
  • Navigation: Next and previous buttons scroll through Asset Details in search order
  • Photos: Hover over a thumbnail photo on the Asset Index for a larger quick view
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.1 (January 12, 2021)

  • Bulk Update: Ability to bulk update text fields on the Asset Index
  • Requests:
    • New option to send a Request immediately
    • Add unlimited Assets to a Request
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.1.0 (December 3, 2020)

  • View Unlimited Assets: New setting allows users to bypass 2,500 Asset limit
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.0.4 (October 29, 2020)

  • Requests: Read Only users can generate Requests
  • Bug fixes and improvements

4.0.2 (September 24, 2020)

  • Studio Asset Search: New permission option for Series/Franchise Owners and Division users to have access to the Studio-wide Asset Search

4.0.1 (September 9, 2020)

  • Bug fixes

4.0 (July 22, 2020)

  • New Navigation: New top navigation bar and a collapsible filter menu frees space for columns 
  • Bulk Buttons: Bulk Options have been broken out into individual buttons for faster access
  • Color Coding: Quickly differentiate the Transaction and Asset Indexes by background color
  • Notification Counters: New counters to help identify outstanding tasks
  • Asset and Location History: Better distinction on Asset and Location History tabs

3.2.9 (June 9, 2020)

  • SmartAccounting Ledger Imports: Improved compatibility prevents duplicate Transactions and automatically populates Set and Character fields from the Set Code description field

3.2.8 (May 27, 2020)

  • Event Index: Added Table View option to filter by Events Ending in 7 or 30 Days
  • Requests: When adding Assets to a Request, selection now defaults to Create New Request 
  • Version: Added Asset Hub version number in the Grid dropdown

3.2.7 (May 20, 2020)

  • Event Index: Added ability to toggle display between a table and individual cards
  • Checkbox Field Filtering: Added ability to filter this type of column by true/false/all/none

3.2.6 (May 6, 2020)

  • Performance Optimizations: Increased speed of page load time and search results
  • SyncOnSet Import: Added new column to indicate status as imported from SyncOnSet Continuity

3.2.3 (Mar 24, 2020)

  • Asset History:
    • New editable note field in the Asset/Location History tables
    • Clickable rows reveal a detailed comparison of the Asset before and after edits

3.2.2 (Mar 16, 2020)

  • Asset Details:
    • Display Origin Cost field in addition to Cost (USD)
    • Create an optional "Additional Info" tab (see your Account Manager for more details)
    • New field type "URL" that allows you to include a hyperlink
  • Divisions Asset Index: Display Franchise, Project, and Status as default fields

3.2.1 (Mar 4, 2020)

  • Sort: Asset History and Location History now sort most recent to oldest on the Asset View
  • Merge Assets: Improved messaging to the Merge Assets alert modal
  • Trash Index: Added SyncID Column
  • Reset Filters: Added ability to Reset Filters on Index views (this button will clear all filters except the global search box)
  • Search:
    • Added Search button to the global search box
    • Auto-search disabled; searching triggers after hitting enter or clicking the Search button
    • Tables now reset when text is removed from the global search box

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