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[Mobile] App Settings

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To customize the settings of your SyncOnSet app, tap the Menu icon and then tap Settings.

Work Offline

If you are in an area with poor cell reception or no Wi-Fi, you might want to work offline to conserve battery. 

Warning: If you choose to work offline, the app will not sync unless you sync manually. Changes made by your team will not sync down to your app, and changes made by you will not sync up to your team until you sync manually. 

To manually sync, tap Sync Now on the Syncing Status page or the yellow Sync icon that appears at the top of most pages.

To work offline:

  1. Tap Work Offline.
  2. Tap to check the box to enable work offline mode.
Pro Tip: When working offline, we recommend manually syncing at least twice a day. We do not recommend working offline for more than 24 hours, if possible.

Photo Syncing

When uploading photos, the app automatically compresses the photos to save storage on your device. If you prefer to use full-size images, enable the full-size image setting.

Warning: Enabling full-size images will cause photos to upload more slowly and will use more data.

To enable full-size images:

  1. Tap Photo Syncing.
  2. Tap to check the box to use full-size images.

The app automatically syncs whether you are on Wi-Fi or using cellular data. If you prefer to save cellular data, enable the option to sync photos on Wi-Fi only. 

To sync photos on Wi-Fi only:

  1. Tap Photo Syncing.
  2. Tap to check the box to sync photos to Wi-Fi only.

Biometric Authentication

When you first log in to the app, you are prompted to create a PIN. If you would rather use a biometric authentication, can can enable either Face ID or Touch ID to log in depending on your device's capabilities. 

To enable Face ID for login:

  1. Tap Face ID.
  2. Tap to check the box to enable Face ID for login.

To enable Touch ID for login:

  1. Tap Touch ID.
  2. Tap to check the box to enable Face ID for login.

Date Format

You can customize how you view dates in the app.

To customize the date format:

  1. Tap Date Format.
  2. Tap the box inline with your preferred format (either MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY).

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