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Accessing My Productions

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All of your productions live on the My Productions page. Click the My Productions icon (filmstrip) in the top right corner of the screen to access your My Productions page.

My Productions Icon

Accessing Features & Episodics

All of your Episodic productions are listed under the Episodics tab, and all of your Features are listed under the Features tab. Click the appropriate tab and then click the blue hyperlink for the Production you wish to view.

Once you access an Episodic production, you can view additional Episodes by checking the boxes in the Episode Selector.

Note: When logging in your view will default to the last production you were working in. You can always tell what production you are currently in by viewing the title above the top navigation bar.

Create a New Production

  1. Click the green New Production button.
  2. Click Feature or Episodic, then click Continue
    1. If you select Episodic, you will be asked if you are shooting Traditional/Block or Like A Feature. Select the appropriate option and click Continue.
  3. Next, you will be asked a series of questions about your production (Title, Studio, Shooting Location, etc.). Fill out all of the requested information, clicking Continue after each question. This helps us build a plan that best fits your needs.
Warning: It is not possible to switch the episodic production type (Traditional/Block or Like a Feature) after the production has been created, so be sure to choose carefully! 

Adding an Episode

  1. Click the blue Add Episode button in line with your production.
  2. Input the Episode Number and Episode Title and upload your script.
Script Breakdown
  1. Click Continue
  2. On the Character Confirmation page, be sure to link the Characters found in this script to any existing Characters in the Production.
  1. Click Continue.
  2. On the Add Existing Users page, make sure to select all the existing users who should have access to that Episode.
  3. Click Continue.

You will land on the Scene Index for your new Episode and it will be available to select in the Episode Selector.

Warning: Make sure to spend time linking, merging, or deleting Characters on the Character Confirmation page. Characters must be correctly linked in order to reuse Character Closets and Actor information. 

Revising a Script

  1. Click Revise Script in line with the Production you want to revise.
    1. If you’re working on an episodic Production set up Like a Feature, use the Choose Episode to Revise dropdown to select an Episode to revise.
  2. Click the upload type (Full Script or Pages) and enter the revision name.
  3. Click Choose File to find the file on your computer.
  4. Once you have attached your script, click Upload Revision.

Leaving & Deleting Productions

Leaving a Production

Note: Only department users can leave a production.

Leaving a Production does not alter or delete any Production data. Once you leave a Production, you will need to be invited back by a user with the Add Users permission in order to regain access to Production data.

To leave a Production, click the Trash Can icon in line with the Production you'd like to leave. You will see a confirmation with the title "Leave [Production Name]". Click Leave.

Pro Tip: If you're the Production Owner, you will first need to assign another user to replace you as the Production Owner from the Access Menu. See Managing Users and Permissions for more details.

Deleting a Production

Warning: When a Production Owner deletes a production, this is a permanent action. SyncOnSet cannot retrieve any data.

Productions can only be deleted by the Production Owner or a Department Head.

To delete a production, the Production Owner or Department Head should click the Trash Can icon in line with the production. You will see a confirmation with the title "Delete [Production Name]". Click Delete. Type in the word DELETE, and confirm the deletion.

Note: In order to prevent accidental deletions, the Production Owner or Department Head will have to delete each episode individually.

If a Department Head deletes a production, the Production Owner (if not the same person) can Unarchive the production to restore it. Users will need to be re-added to the restored production.

Warning: If you are working on a feature or delete the only episode in an episodic, the entire production associated with the subscription will be deleted.

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