Working on a Shared Breakdown

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Working on a shared breakdown means that all departments have access to the same basic production information. Things like Scenes, Scene Descriptions, Shoot Dates, Characters, and Actors are available to all members of the production.

Any user with the Edit Scenes & Characters permission can update basic Scene and Character information, affecting all departments. For example, if you add Characters to a Scene, all departments will see that update.

To avoid confusion, productions typically designate one person or department to handle script uploads and revisions. Department Heads can also limit the number of users with the Edit Scenes & Characters permission in order to control who can make changes that impact the entire production.

Department-specific information is available only to users in your department. Things like photos, Changes, Looks, department-specific Notes (like Scene Wear Notes), Inventory, and Budgeting are only viewable if a user has access to your department.

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