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[Mobile] The New and Improved Inventory

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In Crew Tools 5.0, Inventory exists across the entire production. It is no longer necessary to import anything on episodics🙌🏻. 

All Inventory departments (Costume, Props, and Set Dec) share the same Inventory workflow.

Universal Search has also been improved to help you find what you’re looking for more efficiently 🔍. 

Tap Search in the bottom navigation bar to access Universal Search and enter a search term. Limit your search to only Inventory by tapping Inventory under the Search By Category header.

Pro Tip: If you tap Inventory without entering a search term, you see a full list of your Inventory.

Managing Inventory

Inventory can be added to a Character Closet, Scene, Change, or Set by creating a new piece of Inventory or adding existing Inventory. This can be done on either a Scene View, Character View, or Set View page.


Create or add Inventory on the Costume Closet tab of a Character View page or the Items tab of a Change View page.


Create or add Inventory on the Props Closet tab of a Character View page, the Principal or Background tab of a Scene View page, or the Scene Props tab of a Scene View page.

Set Dec

Create or add Inventory on the Set Pieces tab of a Set View page.

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