[Mobile] Viewing Sets by Scene

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After adding Sets to a Scene on the web app, you can view these Sets from a Scene View page on the mobile app. You must have permission to the Set Dec department to view Sets on the mobile app.

To see your Sets by Scene, tap a specific Scene and then tap Sets in the top navigation bar.

Tap a Set name to go to the Set View page where you can access additional details about the Set from the top navigation menu:

  • Tap Details to display the Set details.
  • Tap Set Pieces to display the Set Pieces in the Set. 
    • Tap Add New Set Piece to create a new Set Piece.
    • Tap Add Existing Set Piece to add existing Set Piece(s). 
    • Tap a Set Piece to edit its information. 
  • Tap Scenes to view all Scenes using this Set. 
  • Tap Gallery to display the photos of this Set and to add Establishing photos. 
Pro Tip: To view a list of all your Sets, tap the Search icon to use Universal Search, then tap Sets.

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