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Adjusting the Margins on Reports

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To accommodate hole punches for a binder, fix a skipped page, or keep your Report limited to a certain number of pages, you can adjust your margins in the print preview window of your browser. 

Google Chrome

  1. Click More Settings on the printer pop-up to reveal more options. (If you do not see More Settings, skip to step 2.)
  2. Click the dropdown box next to Margins and select Custom.
  3. In the preview pane, drag the margins to your desired placement and click Save or Print (depending on if you are saving a PDF or printing).

Firefox / Safari

  1. Click Show Details in the print preview pane to reveal a larger window. (If you do not see Show Details, skip to step 2.)
  2. Click the dropdown next to Paper Size and select Manage Custom Sizes.
  3. A new pop-up will appear where you can create your custom margins. Click (+) to create a new custom setting.
  4. Name your custom setting by double-clicking Untitled, entering a name and hitting Return on your keyboard (or keep it set to Untitled). Set the margins by typing them in and click OK.
  5. Once you've created or selected your custom margin, click Print.

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