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Excluding Transactions

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All users can access this feature.

Note: Excluding should only be done in the event of an error with the Transaction when it was imported from a financial ledger, such as a non-Asset. Returned items and Assets that have moved from one department to another (Journal Entries) should be reconciled as Assets. Please contact Support with any questions.

Excluding a Transaction

  1. While logged into your Series/Franchise, click Transactions on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the checkbox in line with the Transaction(s) to exclude.
  3. The buttons will illuminate. Click Add/Update, then click Move to Excluded.
  4. You'll find the excluded Transaction(s) on the Excluded tab on the secondary navigation bar.
Note: To move a Transaction out of the Excluded tab, click the checkbox next to the Transaction(s), click Add/Update, then click Move Out of Excluded. The Transaction(s) are returned to the Transactions Index.

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