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Excluding Transactions

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All users can access this feature.

Note: Excluding should only be done in the event of an error with the Transaction when it was imported from a financial ledger, such as a non-Asset. Returned items and Assets that have moved from one department to another (Journal Entries) should be reconciled as Assets. Please contact Support with any questions.

Excluding a Transaction

  1. Click Transactions in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the checkbox inline with the Transaction(s) to exclude.
  3. The Bulk Options button will illuminate. Click Bulk Options, then click Move to Excluded.
  4. You'll find the excluded Transaction(s) on the Excluded tab just below the name of your project.
Note: To move a Transaction out of the Excluded tab, click the checkbox next to the Transaction(s), click Bulk Options, then click Move Out of Excluded. The Transaction(s) are returned to the Transactions Index.

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