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Lite Plan for Features

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The Lite Plan for Features includes essential tools to accommodate Low Budget Features and can be purchased through our Accounts team.

Note: If you are working with multiple departments, each department will need to check out with their own Lite Plan.


  • $200 USD for 4 weeks of access
  • $100 USD for each additional week, up to 8 weeks max
Note: If you think your project will exceed any of these accommodations, please submit a quote request and our Accounts team will help get you set up with a more expanded subscription. 

Purchasing the Lite Plan for Features

To purchase the Lite Plan for your Feature, contact us at or through the chat function on our website. Include the following information in your message:

  • Production Name
  • Production Location
  • Department
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Once we receive your email, our Accounts team will reach out within 1 business day to get you set up with your new plan.

Adding Additional Time

Need more than 4 weeks? No problem! You can add up to 4 additional weeks to your plan at a price of $100 USD/week.

If you would like to extend your plan, contact us at or through the chat function on our website.

In your message, let us know how much more time you would like to add to your plan and our Accounts team will be in touch within 1 business day.

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