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Exporting Asset Reports from Global Vista

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This article will guide an Accountant through running and saving an Asset report using Global Vista so they can import their ledger into Asset Hub.

Creating a Flex Report Template

We recommend creating a Flex Report Template so that the Asset reports remain consistent throughout the life of the Project. Your template should include at least these columns:

  • (A) Account Number
  • (I) Detail Description
  • Either (D), (E), or (L) (At least one [(D) Invoice / (E) PO number / (L) Reference] that is relevant to the crew)
  • (C) Vendor Name
  • (K) Transaction Number
  • (H) Source Code
  • (G) Year Period
  • (J) Detail Amount
  • (4) Currency

Set the Report to Landscape.

Upper/Lower headings should already be set and left at the default values. In this screenshot they are blank but this field will vary between productions.

Exporting the Asset Report

  1. To export your Asset report, first select Reports > General Ledger Reporting > Ledger Inquiry
  2. Select the following options:


  • Report IDChoose the Flex Report Template that you created above
  • Report TitleGive your report a name here


  • G/L From: A
  • G/L To: M

This will capture all relevant Asset Designations: A, I, M


  • Sort By: Account


  • Report By: Detail


  • Include Amounts: Cost Only

  • Currency Conversion: Native

If you have multiple currencies, a separate report must be run for each


  • Source Code: leave blank
Important Note: As noted above for F in the screenshot, you must run a report for each currency. For example, if this Project is using USD and CAD currencies, you will need to export 2 reports:

- G/L From 
A G/L To M; Currency USD
- G/L From 
A G/L To M; Currency CAD
  1. After selecting these settings, press Enter on your keyboard, select Preview in the print pop-up, and click OK.
  2. When the report appears, click the Excel icon at the top to export to Excel (Print to Excel appears if you hover over the button).
  3. On the Save screen, give the file a name and click Save.

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