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Revising a Script

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Changes happen! To make revisions to a script, start by locating the current script name based on the production type:

Feature: Find the current script name in line with the production title on the My Productions page, click Revise Script.

Episodic - Traditional: Find the current script name in line with the episode title on the My Productions page, click Revise Script.

Episodic - Like a Feature: Find the current script name on the My Productions page and click Revise Script in line with the Season. On the revision page, use the Choose Episode to Revise dropdown to see the current script names for each episode.

If you do not see a an option to Revise Script, it is likely due to your Production's permission settings - please reach out to your Department Head for assistance.

Note: The Activity Feed does not track script revisions so we recommend entering the script date as part of the Revision Name field.

When you upload a revised script to your production, the system never removes existing information. Instead, the revision process:

  • Adds new Scenes
  • Adds new Characters to Scenes
  • Updates Script Locations
  • Marks Scenes as omitted

Pro Tip: If your new script has renumbered existing Scenes from the original upload, manually update the Scene Numbers in the system before uploading the revision in order to avoid reassigning Changes, Looks, and Props. 

Add a Script Revision

  1. Click the Filmstrip icon to go to the My Productions page.
  2. Click Revise Script in line with the production you want to revise.
    1. If you’re working on an episodic production set up Like a Feature, use the Choose Episode to Revise dropdown to select an episode to revise.
  3. Click the upload type (Full Script or Pages) and enter the revision name.
  4. Click Choose File to find the file on your computer.
  5. Once you have attached your script, click Upload Revision.

Characters from Revision

The system adds all the new Characters in the script. The Characters from Revision page will display a New Characters Found in Script column to the left and a Link Character column on the right. You may see an existing Character show up as a new Character if they have different names (e.g. “Richard Hendricks” vs “Richard”). Review all Characters on this page and link them to existing Characters as appropriate.

To link new Characters with existing Characters:

  1. Click Rename Existing Character inline with the Character. 
  2. Select the appropriate Character from the dropdown.
  3. Click Save Changes

The Character name found in the revised script will be the name that is kept. This can be updated later if it is incorrect.

If the system pulled in non-Characters erroneously, click Delete inline with the non-Character entity you wish to remove.

Warning: You must Link Characters to existing Characters on this page so the system has only one version of each Character, even if the name found in the revision is incorrect. You can rename the Character after the revision is complete. 
  1. After you have reviewed and updated your Character list, click Continue
  2. Click Continue on the Save Character Changes pop-up.

Note: Your changes are not saved yet! You must continue to accept the Scenes from the Revision in order for your changes to save.

Scenes from Revision

After confirming the Characters, you are directed to the Scenes From Revision page. Take a moment to review the Scene updates before saving the revision.

Clicking a Character icon reveals which Characters will be added to the Scene. You can reject a Character individually by unchecking the box in line with the Character.

To reject the new Script Location for a Scene, uncheck the box in line with the Script Location.

To reject an entire Scene’s revision, uncheck the box in line with the Scene you want to remove.

  1. After your review, click Save Revision at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Save on the Save Scene Changes pop-up.

You will automatically be brought to your Scene Index

Note: During the revision process, Characters are not removed from Scenes, in case you manually added Characters. If any Characters have been removed in the script, you need to manually remove them.

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