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Building Looks for HMU

Once you’ve created your Looks, head to a Look View page to start building out the Look. On this page, you are able to view and edit all of the information about a Look, including which Scenes the Look is used in. 

Adding Look Details 

Hair and Makeup Looks each have their own detail fields for tracking products and other aspects of the Look.

To add Look Details, click a Look name to view the Look or search for the Look in the Universal Search bar. 

On the Look View page:

  1. Click Edit Details.
  2. Enter the details in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click Save.

Adding Continuity and Research Photos 

From the Look View page, you can upload Continuity photos or Research photos. 

These photos appear in the sidebar of the Look View page.

  1. Click the Sidebar Ellipsis
  2. Select Add Photo.
  3. Drag and drop your photos or select them from your computer.
  4. Your photos are automatically tagged to the Look and your Department. Use the search bar if you would like to add additional tags. 
  5. By default your photos are uploaded as Continuity photos. Click Mark as Research if you are uploading Research photos.
  6. Click Save.
Pro Tip:  Photos must be tagged to a Look to show up on this page or in the Looks Detail Report. Make sure your onsets upload photos on the app and tag it to the Look.

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Looks Overview

Adding and Removing Looks