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Editing and Inserting Changes

Need to edit information about a Change or insert a brand new Change number because of a script revision? You can easily do both of these actions from a Character View or Change View page! 

Editing the Change

After a Change has been created, you can always update the number or description from a Character View page or Change View page. 

From a Character View page:

  1. Navigate to the Changes Table. 
  2. To edit more than one Change, click Edit All. 
    To edit a single Change, click the Inline Ellipsis
  3. Make your updates. 
  4. Click Save.

From a Change View page:

  1. Click the Sidebar Ellipsis.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Make your updates. 
  4. Click Save.
Pro Tip: You can quickly get to a specific Change by searching for it in the Universal Search bar at the top!

Incrementing and Decrementing Changes 

If you receive a script revision that requires you to remove or insert a Change between two existing Changes, you can edit those existing Change numbers from a Character View page by incrementing or decrementing your Changes. 

What is incrementing and decrementing? 

When you increment a Change, you will move an existing Change number up to make room for the new Change. For example, Change 3 becomes Change 4 so you can create a new Change 3. The existing Change numbers above Change 3 will also adjust. Change 4 becomes Change 5, Change 5 becomes Change 6, etc.

When you decrement a Change, you will move existing Change numbers down to to fill in the hole left by a deleted Change. For example, Change 4 becomes Change 3, Change 5 becomes Change 4 and so on. Numbers smaller than the one you are decrementing will not be affected.

For both incrementing and decrementing, any Costume Items, Scene Wear Notes, or photos attached to the Change will also move with your Changes. 

Note: There must be a space for you to decrement your Changes into. In other words, you cannot decrement Change 2 if you already have an existing Change 1. 
How do I increment or decrement my Changes? 

Use the Universal Search bar to find the Character you’d like to adjust Change numbers for. 

From a Character View page:

  1. Navigate to the Changes table. 
  2. Click the Ellipsis inline with the Change you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click either arrow to shift your Changes and all following Changes up or down by 1.
  • Up arrow: Incrementing
  • Down arrow: Decrementing 
  1. Click Save.

Inserting Change Numbers 

Once you have incremented or decremented your Changes, you are ready to insert your new Change! 

Note: If the Change number you are inserting already exists, you will not be able to insert it as the new Change.

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