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Character View Overview

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To access a Character View page, use the Universal Search bar to find a Character, or click the blue hyperlink of the Character name from the Scene Index, Character Index, or the Inventory Index.

The Character View displays Character details for multiple departments, so if you have access to more than one department, you can view all of the information assigned to that Character on the Character View.

Click the Next and Previous buttons to go to the next or previous Character.

Edit Character Details

Character Details will display on the Sidebar of this page. You can update the Character Details by clicking on the Sidebar Ellipsis and selecting Edit. From here you can update the Character Type, Character Number(s), Name, Actor, Gender, Age, Description, or Add/Remove them from Episodes.

For episodics, there is only one version of the Character for the full season. See Principal Characters with Multiple Numbers to learn how to add a different character number for an episode.


Each Character has a Photo carousel for all the images tagged to that Character. Photos must be tagged to the Character and not be tagged as Research to display in this carousel. 

The photos that are synced up from your team’s mobile devices will display here if tagged correctly. To add new photos, click Add Photo from the Sidebar Ellipsis menu.

Note: If you upload a photo from this page, the photo will automatically tag to that Character. Additionally, if you only have one department selected in the Department Selector, then the photo will automatically be associated to that department.

Assign Characters to Scenes

You can add a Character to Scenes in the Scene card on the Character View page. Click Add on the Scene card to select which existing Scenes you would like to add the Character to.

For episodics, make sure the Character is added to the correct episode before adding them to Scenes from that episode.

The actions below are department-specific. You will need access to the specific departments and have them selected in the department selector in order to perform them. 


You can view and add the Changes for this Character either by Scene in the Scene card or in the Changes card below the Scene card. 

To edit Changes here, click on the ellipsis inline with the Scene or Change you’d like to edit. For more information about adding Changes and adjust Change Numbers read Editing and Inserting Changes.


Hair and Makeup users will have access to a Character’s Looks on the Character View page.

View and add the Looks for a Character either by Scene in the Scene table or in the Looks table below the Scene table. 

To add or edit Looks here, click on the ellipsis inline with the Scene or Look you’d like to edit.

Note: Departments are each assigned a color. If you have access to both Hair and Makeup departments, Hair Looks will be on a table with a yellow line, makeup looks will be on a table with a red line.


Props have their own table below the Scenes. Personal Props for a Character are noted with a green star.

Click Add on the Props table to add new Character Props or to add existing Props to the Character Closet.

Click the Horizontal Ellipsis at the top of the table to Display Personal Props, Display Props Closet, or Add selected Props to multiple (or all) Scenes at once.

To edit Props, click on the Ellipsis inline with the Scene or Prop you’d like to edit.

Props Card

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