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Mobile App Overview

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The mobile app is a simplified version of our web app, designed to make life on set more efficient. Once you log into the app with your username and password, you don’t need WiFi to use it, as you can work on data or even offline!

Logging In

When logging in, you will be asked to set up a PIN and you'll be provided with the option to set up biometric authentication (which is either Touch ID or Face ID). Then, you will be asked to select your production. If you are working on a traditional episodic, you are also asked to select which episodes you would like to view at one time. Once you have selected your episodes, tap View Scenes at the bottom of your screen. 

By default, you land on the Scenes Index. Any Scenes shooting today are listed at the top and all other Scenes are listed below. 

On this page, tap on the Sort button to sort your Scenes by Scene number or Shoot Day. Tap on the Filter button to filter your Scenes by shooting yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

Tap Menu in the bottom navigation bar to reach the Main Menu where you can switch productions, manually sync your show, choose a different department, or change your app settings. Keep in mind, you can only select a different department or select more than one department if you have permissions to those departments.

If you want to log out, tap Log Out at the bottom of the menu.

Note: You will need access to WiFi to log into the app again. 

Regardless of where you are in the mobile app, you can access Universal Search by tapping Search in the bottom navigation bar. You can use Universal Search to quickly find whatever you need in your production! 

View Pages

In the mobile app, View pages are where you can start creating Changes, Looks, Props, Set Pieces, and more. Tap on something to get to its View page. For example, tapping a Scene takes you to a Scene View page, tapping on a Character takes you to a Character View page, and tapping on a piece of Inventory takes you to an Inventory View page.

The top navigation bar which appears at the top of the screen contains a header. The header indicates which page you're currently viewing. Tap the left and right arrows to the right of the header to easily navigate through the respective View pages (such as Scene, Character, Actor, etc.).

Beneath the header you'll find the navigation tabs. These tabs vary depending on what department(s) you have selected. Tap on any of the tabs for more details. 

Uploading Photos 

Photos can be uploaded and tagged from any page that has a Camera icon or (+) Add Photo button. These buttons exist on Scene View pages, Character View pages, Edit forms (i.e. Edit Change, Edit Prop), and more. Tap either entity to take a new photo or upload existing photos from your camera roll. 

Once you upload your photos, tap the Gallery tab in the top navigation bar to see all of the photos related to that entity. 

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