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[Mobile] Viewing Characters by Scene

After adding Principal and Background Characters to a Scene on the web or mobile app, you can view these Characters from a Scene View page on the mobile app. 

Pro Tip: Users with the Edit Scenes and Characters permission can add existing Characters to Scenes on the Scene View or Character View page.

To see your Characters by Scene, tap into a specific Scene and then tap Principals or Background in the top navigation bar.

Note: The Scene View page displays information from the departments that you have selected in the Department Selector.

Principal and Background Characters

From a Scene View page, tap Principals or Background in the top navigation bar to view all the Principal Characters or Background Characters in a specific Scene. 

On the Principals tab, you will see all Changes, Hair Looks, Makeup Looks, and Props assigned to each Character in this Scene.

If a Change, Hair Look, Makeup Look, and/or Prop has not been assigned to a Character yet, they can easily be added from this page. You can also upload photos by tapping (+) Add Photo or the Camera icon. 

On the Background tab, tap the caret next to a Background Character to see this information.

Note: The ability to view and add/edit any Changes, Looks, or Props will be determined by your permissions and which departments you have selected in the Department Selector.

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