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Editing the Name of a Script Revision

On the Production Homepage, you can edit the title of a production, the feature script draft, and episode titles

However, you cannot edit the name of a script revision for an episodic production from this page. 

To edit the name of the script revision for an episodic production, you must go through the script revision process again. Not to worry though, no production data will be affected! Just the revision name.

  1. Click the Filmstrip icon to navigate to your My Productions page. 
  2. Click Revise Script next to the episode you want to edit.
  1. Select an upload type, enter the updated revision name, and choose your already uploaded script's PDF or FDX file (you are not actually saving this data a second time).
  1. Click Upload Revision. We know this can be scary, but we assure you that no changes are being made to the production!
  2. If any Characters are pulled from the file you uploaded, delete them all and click Continue.
  3. If any updates are suggested, uncheck the top box under the "Keep Revision" column to reject all of the changes.
  4. Click Save Revision.

When complete, the name of the script revision is updated without affecting any of the data in the production. 🙌

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