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[Mobile] Sets Overview

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Once Sets have been created in the web app, you can start to view and build them from the mobile app! 

Viewing Sets 

There are two ways to view your Sets: from a Scene View page or through Universal Search. A Scene View page shows you all the Sets in a particular Scene, while Universal Search can be used to quickly find a specific Set or view the full list of Sets in your production.

From a Scene View page

  1. Tap Sets in the top navigation bar. You can see all the Sets that are in the particular Scene. 
  2. Tap a specific Set to get to a Set View page. 

On a Set View page, you can view Set details, see assigned Scenes, add Set Pieces, and upload photos! 

  1. Tap Search in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Tap Sets under “Search by Category.” You can see all the Sets in your production. 
  3. Tap a specific Set to get to a Set View page. 

You can also use the search bar at the top to find a specific Set. 

Set View Overview 

There are 4 navigation tabs in the top navigation bar of a Set View page: Details, Set Pieces, Scenes, and Gallery. 

From Details, you can see the Set type and any episode-specific notes.

From Set Pieces, you can create new Set Pieces, edit existing Set Pieces, and upload photos for any Set Pieces in the Set.

From Scenes, you see all Scenes that use the Set.

From Gallery, you can view all photos of the Set. You can also upload and tag your photos as needed.

Pro Tip: After tapping the Search icon, you can tap Inventory or use the search bar to see your Set Pieces!

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