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The New and Improved Changes and Looks for Mobile

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In Crew Tools 5.0, there is no longer a Changes Index or Looks Index. Instead, tap the Universal Search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right corner of your screen and select a category to see a full list of your Changes and Looks. 

The Universal Search icon has been improved to help you find what you’re looking for more efficiently 🔍. Use this search bar to quickly get to a Change View page or Look View page.

Change View and Look View Pages 

All the information for a Change or Look is now separated into different tabs. You can navigate to each section by tapping a tab in the top navigation bar or swiping your finger across the screen.


On the Items tab of a Change View page, photos appear next to each piece of Inventory. 

On the Gallery tab of a Change View page, you can view all photos related to your Change or add new photos.

Hair and Makeup

On the More Info tab of a Look View page, you can add additional information about your Look such as products used or notes.

On the Gallery tab of a Look View page, you can view all photos related to your Look or add new photos.

Uploading Photos

There’s a new way to upload your photos! You can upload photos from various pages, just look for the Camera Icon or the (+) Add Photo button.

Choose to either take a new photo, choose existing ones from your camera roll, or navigate to your albums all on the same page. 

Once the photos are selected, you can add a description and tags.

Multi-Department View 

If you have access to more than one department (i.e. Costume, Hair, and Makeup), you can now view or edit information for different departments on one page. 

A Scene View Page:

A Character View Page:

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