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Building a Change

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Once you’ve created your Changes, go to a Change View page to start adding Items and photos. To access a Change View page, use the Universal Search bar to find a Change number, or click the blue hyperlink of the Change number from a Scene View or Character View page.

On the Change View page you can view and edit all of the information about a Change, including which Scenes the Change is used in.

Adding New Items

  1. Click Add and select Create New Item.
  2. Enter the Item name. All remaining fields are optional. 
  3. To save the Item, click:
  • Create to add one Item.
  • Duplicate to add one Item and create an identical copy.
  • (+) to create and add another new Item.
Pro Tip: Customize the Items table by rearranging, resizing, or sorting the columns. Click the Choose Columns icon to change which columns you view.

Adding Existing Items  

Once you create an Item once, you do not have to create it again. Instead, you can reuse it for different Characters and Changes!

  1. Click Add and select Add Existing Item.
  2. Locate the Item(s) you would like to add to your Change.
  3. Click (+)
  4. Click Done.

Reordering Items

You can customize the order that Items appear within a Change by dragging and dropping the Reorder icon inline with an Item. This will update the Item order for all users in your department. This custom order will determine the order that Items appear on your Reports, including Bag Tags.

Warning: When sorting by column, the Reorder column disappears until the sort is removed (no column header displays an arrow).
Custom Order
Pro Tip: Use the search bar, Choose Columns icon, or Filter icon to help you find the piece of Inventory you are looking for. 

Adding Continuity and Research Photos 

From the Change View page, you can upload Continuity photos or Research photos. These photos appear in the sidebar of the Change View page.

  1. Click the Sidebar Ellipsis and select Add Photo.
  2. Drag and drop your photos or select them from your computer.
  3. Your photos are automatically tagged to the Change and your department. Use the search bar if you would like to add additional tags. 
  4. By default, your photos are uploaded as Continuity photos. Click Mark as Research if you are uploading Research photos.
  5. Click Save.

Adding Photos to Costume Items

You can tag photos to the Costume Items in your Change. 

The main photo for each Item appears as a thumbnail in the Costume Items table on the Change View page. 

  1. Click on a specific Costume Item to reach the Item View page.
  2. Click the Sidebar Ellipsis and select Add Photo.
  3. Drag and drop your photos or select them from your computer.
  4. Your photos are automatically tagged to the Item and assigned to the Costume department. You can also add additional tags at this time.
  5. Click Save.
Pro Tip: Photos can be tagged to Costume Items whenever you’re adding Costume department photos from any page. Just search for the Item tag in the search bar in the photo uploader.

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