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Bulk Updating

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Studio Managers, Series/Franchise Owners and Department Users can access this feature.

There are a number of different actions found under the Bulk Options feature on the Transactions and Assets Indexes.


Bulk Options in the Assets Index

  1. Click Assets in the left navigation menu.
  2. Select your Assets by clicking the checkboxes on the right.
  3. Click Bulk Options to reveal five options: Update, Move, Add Groups, Merge Two Assets, and Export. (A sixth option, Request, is available to certain Studios.)
  • Update: Bulk update the Character, Set, or Disposition of the Assets you selected
  • Move: Move your selected Assets to a different Franchise, Series, Division, Project, or Storage Location
  • Request: Add Assets to a Request for Approval
  • Add Groups: Create new groups or move your selected Assets into existing groups
  • Merge Two Assets: Allows you to combine two Assets into one, picking and choosing the information from each Asset to combine
  • Export: Generate a CSV file, PDF, or Asset Page(s) of your selected Assets

Bulk Options in the Transactions Index

  1. Click Transactions in the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the Transactions you would like to move, update, or run a report against by clicking the checkboxes on the right.
  3. Click Bulk Options to reveal four options (Bulk Reconcile, Move to Excluded, Update, and Export).
  • Bulk Reconcile: Create Assets for more than one Transaction at a time by either creating new Assets or matching to existing Assets. For more information, see Bulk Reconciling Transactions.
  • Move to Excluded: This option moves all of the Transactions you selected into the “Excluded” section found on your Transactions Index. Choose this option for Transactions that should not be reconciled into Assets.
Note: The Excluded tab is to be used only for items that have mistakenly come in on the ledger (i.e. items that aren’t actually an Asset or items that appear to be duplicates). Double-check with your Studio policies for specific direction on excluding Transactions.
  • Update: Bulk update the Character, Set, Disposition, or Department of the Transactions you select. Keep in mind, when you update Dispositions for Transactions, they automatically become reconciled as Assets. For more information about this, see Reconciling Single Transactions as Assets.
  • Export: Generate a CSV file of your selected Transactions using your currently-selected columns.

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