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Actor Index Overview

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A complete list of Actors for the entire production can be found on the Actor Index. Hover over Characters in the top navigation bar and click Actors to access the Actor Index.

On the Actor Index you can view the Actor Name, their assigned Characters, their gender (Male, Female, or Non-binary), age, their next fitting date (for the Costume Department), start work date, and notes.

The information in the Actor Index is shared across all departments. If you’re working in a multi-department production, this information is the same across all departments. 

Note: If you are in a Traditional Episodic, the Actor Index will display all Actors in your production regardless of which episodes you have selected.

Adding Actors

Add a new Actor into your production by clicking Add in the top right corner of the table.

Edit Actor Information

Edit Actor information displayed in the table by clicking the Ellipsis in line with the Actor and selecting Edit.

Filter the Actor Index

Easily find an Actor by typing the Actor's name into the search bar in the top left corner of the table. This will allow you to find the Actor without having to scroll through the whole Actor Index.

Sorting & Resizing Columns

Click the column header to sort the columns by Actor Name, Character Name, Start Work Date, or Next Fitting (for the Costume Department).

Hover your mouse over the dividers in the column heading, and then click and drag your mouse to expand or compress the column.

Note: These changes will automatically be saved if you refresh or leave the page, which is browser-specific. For example, if you customize these columns on Google Chrome and then log in to SyncOnSet on Safari, then the changes will not be reflected in the new browser. You will have to log back in on Google Chrome to see your customized columns.

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Creating Actors and Assigning Actors to Characters