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Accounting Onboarding

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Congratulations! Your studio is now using AssetHub, a software tool specifically designed to simplify Asset management at the Project level. AssetHub will replace the system of reconciling Assets with paper ledgers or Excel documents from accounting. All the data you input into AssetHub creates permanent Asset records that are available to the Studio while your Project is wrapping, through to post-production.

Onboarding Workflow 

  1. Register for an account with AssetHub.
  • You will receive an email invite into AssetHub.
  • Click the link in the email.
  • Create your account with AssetHub.
  • Head to to log in.

Generate a Bible Run from Global Vista, SmartAccounting or PSL as .xlsx (Excel Workbook).

  1. Contact your Account Manager at SyncOnSet to lock currencies, upload the first ledger, and match customized columns.
  • Once the first ledger upload is complete, let the Production Coordinator know that Transactions are ready for the Crew to reconcile.
  • You can send your Crew email notifications of their unreconciled Transactions.
Warning: Do not change the customized columns after the first import. 

Workflow After Initial Ledger Upload

 For all subsequent ledger uploads, reference Uploading Ledgers, which covers how to upload:

  • SmartAccounting Ledgers
  • Global Vista Ledger
  • PSL Ledgers
Warning: For subsequent ledger uploads, please ensure the settings are consistent between each export. Altering or modifying the export settings will cause duplicate Transactions and unexpected errors.

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Locking Currencies