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Character Index Overview

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All Characters in your production will exist on the Character Index. To access the Character Index, click Characters in the top navigation bar.

On the Index you can view the Character number, their gender (Male, Female, or Non-binary), age, a short description, the episode(s) they are in, and name of the Actor who’s playing them. On this page you can add and update Character numbers.

The information in the Character Index is shared across all departments. If you’re working in a multi-department production, this information is the same across all departments. 

Viewing the Character Index

If you're working on an Episodic Production that is set up following a Traditional/Block format, the Character Index only lists Characters from the Episodes you have selected in the Episode Selector by default. To view all Characters in the Production (including those that haven't been added to any Episodes), click the blue hyperlink next to Viewing, above the Principals card.

Editing Characters

Edit multiple or a single Character(s) from the Character Index. This can be done by clicking the Inline Ellipsis:

Or by clicking Edit All:

Pro Tip: You will be logged out of the web app if you are inactive for 2 hours. Editing does not count as activity, so remember to save your work often!

Adding Characters

Click the blue Add button at the top right corner of a Character table to add new Principal Characters or Background Characters to the production.

Filtering the Character Index

Easily find a character by typing the Character’s name into the Principals or Background search bar at the top of each table. This will allow you to find the Character without having to scroll through the whole Index if you have a long list.

Sorting Columns

Click the column header to sort the columns by Character Name or Actor Name.

Note: These changes will automatically be saved if you refresh or leave the page, which is browser-specific. For example, if you customize these columns on Google Chrome and then login to SyncOnSet on Safari, then the changes will not be reflected in the new browser. You will have to log back in on Google Chrome to see your customized columns.

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Character View Overview