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Missing Photos

Can’t find your photos on the web or mobile app? There’s a couple things you can try before concluding that they’re missing. 

Warning: If it appears that photos are missing, do not delete the app from your device. 


Sometimes, photos can be accidentally tagged to the wrong filter. For example, Continuity photos might be uploaded as Research photos. 

As a result, go to the Gallery and go through each of the filters. 

On the web app, click on Gallery in the top navigation bar. Then, adjust the drop-down menus to view photos by Scene, Shoot Date, or Character and to toggle between Continuity and Research photos. 

Photo Gallery

On the mobile app, switch over to the Gallery tab of any View page. Then, tap on the Sort button to sort by Change/Look, Script Day, or Scene. You can tap on the Filter button to sort by Continuity or Research photos.

Mobile Gallery

Multiple Productions/Departments

If you are part of multiple productions and departments on the mobile app, a good first step is to double check that you are accessing the correct production and department. 

On the web app, make sure the name of your production is listed at the top. Click the Episode or Department Selector to ensure that you are accessing the correct episode(s) and department(s). 

Department Selector

On the mobile app, check the Main Menu to ensure that the correct Production and Episodes are listed at the top. Tap Choose Departments to view which departments are selected and tap Switch Productions if you need to access a different production. 

Mobile Main Menu


All photos must be properly synced in order to appear on both the web and mobile app. 

In order to successfully sync your production, your device will need a strong Wifi or Data connection. To confirm that you have working Wifi, go to and click Start Test

If the test shows a download speed under 3mbps, the Wifi connection is considered weak and could be causing trouble or delay in syncing your photos. Try syncing again when you have a stronger connection. 

If you are experiencing issues with the Internet, check to see if other devices are connected and working. If not, you may want to reboot your modem/router or get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Cloud Icon

Are you seeing this cloud with an arrow icon where you should be seeing photos?

Cloud Icon

This means that photos uploaded on other devices have not been fully synced yet. If this is the case, login to the web app, go to the Gallery, and find the cloud icon images to check the name of the mobile device that the photos are on.

Once you identify which devices these photos are located on, check the syncing status on those devices. From the Main Menu on the mobile app, tap Syncing Status and then tap Sync Now.

Repeat these steps for each mobile device that the photos are located on and then head back over to the web app. The photos should appear once the page is refreshed.

If you still aren’t seeing the photos, be sure that you’re logged in under the same production and departments on the mobile app and web app when syncing.

If these steps didn’t do the trick, reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help figure out what else may be happening!

Warning: It is very important that you do not delete the app. It is very likely the photos are still saved through our app on the device and are retrievable -- we just need to figure out where they are located!

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