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Tap Home on the bottom navigation bar to navigate to the Home page. Depending on your device and permissions, you may need to scroll down the page to see all options.

Depending on your department permissions, you can access the following with one tap:

  • Scene Index
  • Character Index
  • Actor Index
  • Change Index
  • Hair Look Index
  • Makeup Look Index
  • Set Index
  • Inventory Index
  • Untagged Photos
  • Syncing Status
  • Help

Each Index will display a list. Tap the Arrow on the right of a row to expand or collapse the view. Tap an entity to go to its View page.

Tap the Gear icon on the top right of the Home page to access the app Settings, including Switching Productions and Choosing Departments.

Pro Tip: Tap the production title at the top of the Home page to switch productions quickly!

A list of recently viewed entities is saved at the top of the Home page. Tap a bubble to go directly to that page.

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