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Budgeting for Set Dec

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After all of your Sets are added into Continuity, you're ready to create your Budget! Use the Product Switcher to navigate to Budgeting. This article highlights the varying ways you can Budget for Sets.

Note: Budgets are specific to department and episode (if you are set up like a traditional episodic), so be sure to select the appropriate episode from the Episode Selector.

Create a Budget

The first time you navigate to Budgeting, verify the Sets you want to budget for. By default, the system selects all Sets that exist in Continuity. To remove Sets from the Budget, deselect the box in line with the Set name. When ready, click Start Budgeting

The Budget Tracker automatically updates as you input Budget values, creating a running total in the blue bar in the top box. 

There are four tabs for different types of Sets: Standing, Swing, Location, and Other. Sets populate each tab based on the designated Set type in Continuity. If no Set type choice is made, the Set lives on the Other tab.

Once you’ve budgeted for all your Sets, budget for your miscellaneous expenses on the Misc Budget tab. 

Note: Any Sets added in Continuity after creating the initial Budget must be manually added to the Budget. 

Budget by Set

Budget for a Set by entering the amount in the Set Total box inline with the Set name.

Note: If you add a Set in Continuity after you begin your Budget, click + Add Set to Budget in line with the Set name to include the Set in the Budget. 

Budget by Set Piece

For more detail, Budget by Set Piece. Click Add Set Piece under the Set to create and budget for Set Pieces. Make sure to check the box next to Sum Pieces beneath the Set Total to accurately update the overall Budget.

Note: Set Pieces that exist in Continuity do not transfer to the Budget, and Set Pieces created in the Budget do not transfer to Continuity.

Remove a Set or Set Piece from the Budget

To remove a Set from the Budget, hover over the Set name and click the X that appears next to the name. The Set appears greyed out to reflect its removal from the Budget. You can always add it back later, but you will need to reenter its Budget and any Budget Set Pieces you previously created.

Pro Tip: If a Set is removed from the production and you don’t want to see it greyed out in the Budget, remove the Set from Continuity.

To remove a Set Piece from the Budget, hover over the Set Piece name and click the X that appears next to the name. Click Delete in the form to confirm the deletion. You can add the Set Piece back later, but you will need to reenter the name and its Budget amount.

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