Continuity Mobile Product Updates

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What's New to Continuity Mobile

Since the launch of SyncOnSet Mobile 5.0 we have been hard at work adding improvements and new features to give you the best possible mobile experience. Be sure to check this page regularly for news on the latest product updates to our mobile app!

Mobile 5.4.6 (January 14)

  • Actor View: Ability call an Actor by tapping their phone number
  • Login: Ability to authenticate using Fingerprint on Android devices
  • Universal Search: See up to 9 recently searched entities
  • Search: Improved functionality when adding existing Props to Character Closets/Scenes and Set Pieces to Sets
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.4.5 (December 29)

  • Changes: Items within Changes appear in the same custom order set in the web version
  • Search: Improved functionality when adding existing Costume Items to Character Closets
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.4.4 (December 3)

  • Gallery: Improvements to the photo upload process
  • Props Untagged Photos: View Continuity/Research filter
  • Props: Bug fix for removing props from a props closet
  • Copy and paste on Android devices
  • Updates to the Barcode Scanner
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.4.2 (October 28)

  • Help Page: Updated the phone number to contact Support

Mobile 5.4.1 (October 19)

  • Bug fixes and improvements for photos

Mobile 5.4.0 (September 29)

  • Search: Increased functionality of the search bar when adding existing items
  • Scene Props: Ability to add notes and photos
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.3.1 (August 10)

  • Universal Search: Sort Inventory alphabetically by Character
  • Additional bug fixes

Mobile 5.3.0 (July 27)

  • UX Updates: Introduction of a bottom navigation bar and additional layout enhancements for improved navigation
  • Props: Added visibility for more Prop notes on Scene View pages
  • Props Gallery: Uploading Photos to a Character automatically tags the Scene and Character
  • Scenes: Improvements to sorting by Script Day
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.2.3 (June 15)

  • Photos: Improvements made to tagging photos
  • Photos: Changed placeholder text to say "Add Notes"
  • Overall speed improvements
  • Additional bug fixes

Mobile 5.2.2 (June 1)

  • Sort: Ability to sort by Script Day on the Scene Index and Character Gallery
  • Change View: Updated list of items to reflect the order they were added to the Change
  • Change View: Keyboard no longer covers Scene Wear Notes
  • Syncing: Improvements to syncing speed
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.2.1 (May 18)

  • Login: Ability to authenticate using Face or Touch ID on iOS devices
  • Login: Added messaging for users who are not currently part of any productions
  • View Pages: Addition of camera button to upload photos
  • Gallery: Sort by Change or Look by default
  • Character View: Fix for Details tab not displaying the correct Background count
  • Costume Closet: Fix for uploading photos to Inventory items
  • Costume/Props Closet: Added messaging to note that a Character has no Inventory items
  • Scene View: Added messaging to note that there are no Principal Characters
  • Set Dec Photos: Photos cannot be tagged as both Research and Establishing
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.2.0 (Apr 20)

  • UX Updates: Enhancements to the layout for improved workflow
  • Photos: Ability to add Actor headshots and set a Main Photo by tapping a tag without entering "tag edit" mode
  • Tagging: Tag multiple photos and multiple entities in the same Category at once
  • Photo Viewer: Ability to "pinch to zoom" for Android users
  • Search: BG Characters will no longer have "TBD" as Character number
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

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Mobile 5.1.5 (Mar 26)

  • Character View Gallery: Optimizations to initial load time
  • Search: Display fix when entering text while in Dark Mode
  • Edit Forms: Save button is always visible even with the keyboard open
  • Camera: Fixes issue with the Save button being unresponsive when uploading photos
  • Props Photos: Fixes ability to upload multiple photos and includes correct Character tag
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.1.4 (Mar 18)

  • Scene View Gallery: Display all characters in a scene even if they don't currently have a photo
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile 5.1.3 (Mar 9)

  • Photos: Fixes issue with photos uploading in in wrong orientation and error
  • Additional bug fixes and optimizations to speed up initial load time

Mobile: 5.1.2 (Mar 2)

  • Character View Gallery: Include relevant Change/Look tags by default
  • Scene View Gallery: Include relevant Change/Look tags by default
  • Camera: Improved camera stability for Android devices
  • Change View: Stability fix when adding an existing Item to a Change
  • Actor View: Display fixes
  • Edit Change Form: Only show photos that are tagged to the relevant Change/Character and Scene
  • Additional stability fixes

Mobile: 5.1.1 (Feb 22)

  • Syncing: Syncing fix for productions with Watermarked photos

Mobile: 5.1 (Feb 13)

  • Delete Photos: Ability to delete photos 🎉
  • Syncing: Improvements for productions with large amounts of data and photos 
  • My Productions: Fixes sorting on My Productions
  • Galleries: Fixes to the Character View galleries
  • Additional stability and bug fixes

Mobile: 5.0.5 (Jan 31)

  • Barcode Scanner: Barcode scanning functionality 🎉
  • Speed improvements for photo galleries
  • Optimizations for the search screen
  • Added link to Help Center
  • Fixes issue with Costume Notes for Actors not saving instantly on iPhoneX/12.4.1
  • Adding new item to a Character Change now autofills the Character field  
  • Fixes error editing Props on Scene View
  • Improvements to syncing 
  • Additional stability and display issues

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