Adding Episodes

You can add new Episodes to your production from My Productions and/or the Production Homepage. Note: Scripts must be in.PDF or.FDX (Final Draft) format and unencrypted.. Adding Episodes from My Prod…


Viewing Multiple Episodes

Using the Episode Selector, view multiple episodes of your production simultaneously so you never miss a thing! Selecting multiple episodes results in the following: The Scene Index displays all Scen…

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Episodics: Traditional vs. Like a Feature

When creating a new Episodic, you will be asked to select one of two production types: Traditional/Block or Like A Feature. Your selection will determine how your production is set up in SyncOnSet. T…


Season Data Transfer

When starting a new season for an episodic that used SyncOnSet on a previous season, some of the information from the old season can be transferred to the new season. This includes: Actors/Actor Head…