Adding Episodes

You can add new Episodes to your production from My Productions and/or the Production Homepage. Note: Scripts must be in.PDF or.FDX (Final Draft) format and unencrypted.. Adding Episodes from My Prod…

Thao Nguyen
Updated 5 months ago by Thao Nguyen

Viewing Multiple Episodes

Using the Episode Selector, view multiple episodes of your production simultaneously so you never miss a thing! Selecting multiple episodes results in the following: The Scene Index displays all Scen…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Sneider

Episodics: Traditional vs. Like a Feature

When creating a new Episodic, you will be asked to select one of two production types: Traditional/Block or Like A Feature. Your selection will determine how your production is set up in SyncOnSet. T…

Hanna Lee
Updated 4 months ago by Hanna Lee

Season Data Transfer

When starting a new season for an episodic that used SyncOnSet on a previous season, some of the information from the old season can be transferred to the new season. This includes: Actors/Actor Head…

Hanna Lee
Updated 8 months ago by Hanna Lee