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What's New in 5.3.0?

Design Updates. We’ve made improvements to our mobile app based on user feedback in order to improve your workflow! Bottom Navigation Bar. We've integrated a fixed navigation bar at the bottom fo the…

Taylor Tew
Updated 8 months ago by Taylor Tew

[Mobile] App Settings

To customize the settings of your SyncOnSet app, tap the Menu icon and then tap Settings. Work Offline. If you are in an area with poor cell reception or no Wi-Fi, you might want to work offline to c…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 9 months ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Multi-Department View

If you have access to multiple departments of your production, you can view them simultaneously in the mobile app. With multiple departments selected, you can see continuity information for all chose…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Syncing

The mobile app will automatically sync occasionally (unless you have enabled the work offline setting), but you can always manually sync by tapping the yellow SyncOnSet icon at the top of the screen.…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Universal Search

Universal Search is accessible from any page on the mobile app and makes it easy to quickly find anything in your production! To access Universal Search, tap Search in the bottom navigation bar 🔎. Fr…

Thao Nguyen
Updated 2 months ago by Thao Nguyen

[Mobile] Switching Productions and Multi-Episode View

Switching Productions. You can access all your productions on the mobile app. To switch productions: Tap Menu in the bottom navigation bar. Tap Switch Productions. Tap the production title. Note: If…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 8 months ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Adding Notes

There are a number of places to add department and continuity notes in the mobile app. This article highlights the various pages where you can add notes. Notes by Scene. Notes can be added from a Sce…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 8 months ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Permissions

While the mobile app and web app work together to support productions from start to finish, there are some features that are unavailable on the mobile app. Web vs. Mobile Workflows. The following wor…

Hanna Lee
Updated 1 year ago by Hanna Lee

The New and Improved Mobile App

There is a brand new SyncOnSet mobile app with many exciting changes! Multi-Department Views. In Crew Tools 5.0, if you are a member of multiple departments, you can now view information across all y…

Hanna Lee
Updated 8 months ago by Hanna Lee

Mobile App Overview

The mobile app is a simplified version of our web app, designed to make life on set more efficient. Once you log into the app with your username and password, you don’t need WiFi to use it, as you ca…

Natalie Nelson
Updated 8 months ago by Natalie Nelson

[Mobile] Upgrading to SyncOnSet 5.0

September 30th, 2020 was the last day that SyncOnSet supported the old version of our mobile app. If you have not already done so, please switch to SyncOnSet 5.0.. Upgrading to the New App. On an App…

Taylor Tew
Updated 6 months ago by Taylor Tew