[Mobile] Inventory Overview

Inventory consists of any Costume Items, Props, and Set Pieces that have been created either on the web or mobile app. Note: Inventory is department-specific. The Inventory you see in the mobile app…

Thao Nguyen
Updated 1 year ago by Thao Nguyen

[Mobile] Character Closets

All Inventory that is created for Characters exists in their Closets. You can find a Character Closet on a Character View page. Costume Closet. A Character’s Costume Closet shows the Costume items th…

Hanna Lee
Updated 1 year ago by Hanna Lee

[Mobile] The New and Improved Inventory

In Crew Tools 5.0, Inventory exists across the entire production. It is no longer necessary to import anything on episodics🙌🏻. All Inventory departments (Costume, Props, and Set Dec) share the same I…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Managing Inventory

On the mobile app, view and manage existing Inventory from an Inventory View page. To quickly access an Inventory View page, tap Search in the bottom navigation bar to access Universal Search and loo…

Taylor Tew
Updated 1 year ago by Taylor Tew

[Mobile] Adding and Removing Inventory

Adding Inventory. Any user with edit permissions that is not in "Read-Only" mode can add Inventory. Note: Hair and Makeup do not currently have access to Inventory.. Unlike the web app, the mobile ap…

Taylor Tew
Updated 2 months ago by Taylor Tew