[Mobile] Inventory Overview

Inventory consists of any Costume Items, Props, and Set Pieces that have been created on either the web or mobile app. Note: Inventory is department-specific. The Inventory you see in the mobile app…

Thao Nguyen
Updated 1 month ago by Thao Nguyen

[Mobile] Character Closets

All Inventory that is created for Characters exist in their Closets. You can find a Character Closet on a Character View page. Costume Closet. A Character’s Costume Closet shows the Costume Items tha…

Hanna Lee
Updated 1 month ago by Hanna Lee

[Mobile] The New and Improved Inventory

In Crew Tools 5.0, Inventory exists across the entire production. It is no longer necessary to import anything on episodics🙌🏻. All Inventory departments (Costume, Props, and Set Dec) share the same I…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 1 month ago by Jennifer Sneider

[Mobile] Managing Inventory

On the mobile app, view and manage existing Inventory from an Inventory View page. Quickly access an Inventory View page by using Universal Search to look for a specific piece of Inventory. To better…

Taylor Tew
Updated 1 month ago by Taylor Tew

[Mobile] Adding and Removing Inventory

Adding Inventory. Any user with edit permissions that is not in "Read-Only" mode can add Inventory. Note: Hair and Makeup do not currently have access to Inventory.. Unlike the web app, the mobile ap…

Taylor Tew
Updated 1 month ago by Taylor Tew