Actor Index Overview

A complete list of Actors for the entire production can be found on the Actor Index. Hover over Characters in the top navigation bar and click Actors to access the Actor Index. On the Actor Index you…

Michelle Salatto
Updated 10 months ago by Michelle Salatto

Creating Actors and Assigning Actors to Characters

Actors can be created and linked to Principal Characters in four places: Character Index. Character View. Actor Index. Actor View. Note: If an Actor is playing multiple roles, you only need to create…

Michelle Salatto
Updated 10 months ago by Michelle Salatto

Actor View Overview

The fastest way to access an existing Actor is by typing their name in the Universal Search Bar and selecting the Actor from the search results. Click on the Actor’s name to access the Actor View pag…

Michelle Salatto
Updated 1 year ago by Michelle Salatto

The New and Improved Actors

In SyncOnSet 5.0, Actors exist across the entire production. For episodics, this means no longer importing Actors from episode to episode. 🙌🏻 The Universal Search bar has also been improved to help y…

Natalie Nelson
Updated 8 months ago by Natalie Nelson