Wrap, Continuity Book, and Reports

​Your Continuity Book

Congratulations - you're almost wrapped! This article explains how each department can download a copy of the continuity photos as a PDF that you can email or save to a drive. Pro Tip: Make sure all…

Michelle Salatto
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Reports Overview

To access the Report Index in Continuity, click Reports on the top navigation bar. Reports are used to display and summarize various types of data in your production. Each department has a different…

Thao Nguyen
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Saving Reports Digitally

After clicking Generate to create a Report, a print preview opens in another browser tab. From here you can choose to print or save the Report as a PDF, which can then be sent via email or another fi…

Michelle Salatto
Updated 1 year ago by Michelle Salatto

Adjusting the Margins on Reports

To accommodate hole punches for a binder, fix a skipped page, or keep your Report limited to a certain number of pages, you can adjust your margins in the print preview window of your browser. Google…

Jennifer Sneider
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Wrap Box Index

It’s time to wrap! On this page, you can create, view, and edit Wrap Boxes. Select more than one department in the Department Selector to view Wrap Boxes for multiple departments at once. Hover over…

Hanna Lee
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Wrapping Inventory

Costume, Props, and Set Dec are the only departments with access to Inventory and Wrap. For episodics, Wrap Boxes exist across the series and are viewable regardless of which episode(s) you have sele…

Michelle Salatto
Updated 10 months ago by Michelle Salatto