[Mobile] Uploading and Tagging Photos

On the mobile app, there are many different places where you can upload photos. Just look for a Camera icon or (+) Add Photo button which are displayed on various pages throughout the app. While you…

Thao Nguyen
Updated 3 months ago by Thao Nguyen

[Mobile] Gallery Overview

Once photos have been successfully uploaded and tagged on either the web or mobile app, they can be accessed on the mobile app from the Scene View Page, the Character View Page (for either Principal…

Hanna Lee
Updated 3 months ago by Hanna Lee

[Mobile] Sorting and Filtering the Gallery

Tap the Gallery tab in the top navigation bar from a Scene View, Character View, Set View, Change View, or Look View page to view the photo Gallery associated with that Scene, Character, Set, Change,…

Jennifer Sneider
Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Sneider