Additional Features

Running Reports (Asset Pages, CSV, PDF, Asset Disposition Report)

Differences Between Reports. Asset Pages Report : Generates a PDF file of the selected Assets using information from the visible columns, showing one Asset per page. Use the Choose Columns button to…

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Requests and Approvals

The Requests and Approvals feature provides a Request generation and Approval workflow around Asset usage on Projects and at the Studio. A requester can create an Asset Request containing a list of A…

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Updated 4 weeks ago by Jennifer Sneider

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Characters and Sets

All users can access this feature. There are two sections under Characters and Sets: Master and Project. The Master section is where you can view all Characters or Sets in your production, while the…

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Updated 9 months ago by Jennifer Sneider

Moving Assets Within AssetHub

Users must have permissions to both the Projects and/or Divisions where the Assets are currently and where they are moving to access this feature. Moving Assets from Projects to Divisions. While logg…

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Managing Groups

All users can access this feature. Adding Assets to Groups is similar to tagging and provides a useful way to organize Assets that are affiliated with one another. An example could be a category of A…

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Searching and Filtering Assets

There are a number of ways to search and filter your Asset Index. Searching Assets at the Series/Franchise Level. Note: Your searches will be limited to 2,500 Assets unless you opt to view unlimited…

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AssetHub Best Practices for COVID Compliance

In an effort to keep productions safe during this unprecedented time, Studios are introducing new protocols that crews will be asked to track digitally. AssetHub has added additional fields for notes…

Rachel Meyer
Updated 2 months ago by Rachel Meyer

Using Barcodes with Assets

AssetHub supports two formats of traditional linear barcodes: Code 128 and ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5). These barcodes represent data through varying widths of bars and the spacing between them. Code 12…

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