Gallery Overview

The Gallery displays all the photos that have been uploaded to the production under every department. If you have access to more than one department, you can see all the photos uploaded under each of…

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Uploading and Tagging Photos

Uploading Photos. Actors and Inventory have been added and it's time to upload and tag some photos! There are various ways you can upload photos to the website, depending on your workflow. If you wan…

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Sorting and Filtering the Gallery

All of the photos that have been uploaded to your production can be accessed through the Gallery. The Gallery is both production-wide and department-wide. If you want to view photos uploaded to a sin…

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Printing & Sharing Photos

Share photos for approval with other members of your production and then Print them using the Gallery. Sharing Photos. To share photos, click Gallery then: Click Share in the top right hand corner of…

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Updated 7 months ago by Michelle Salatto